Starting A Monthly Service Project

Starting a monthly service project can sound really intimidating.  Who, what, where, when and how? All valid questions that need answering when trying to figure out what can be done. is a fantastic answer to those questions.  They make it super simple to get involved.  All you have to do is type in your location and it literally pulls up lists of tons of organizations and institutions that are in need of volunteer work!  Click on what sounds interesting for more details (who can help, when they need it, location, etc) and a point of contact.  It’s that easy!  They have done half of the work for you!  All you need to do is make contact with whoever is listed and go from there.

Service for an organization is a great way to do something for your community in a more structured way.  When we looked up things in and around where we lived we found things like stocking shelves at a food bank, sorting donated items at a donation center, even dusting and organizing books at a library!  Most of these were kid friendly too!

Sometimes it’s just a matter of having time in our busy schedules to squeeze something in, especially something that will accommodate a family with children.  Many times we find ourselves doing smaller acts of service that doesn’t take much planning at all like:

  • Bringing treats to a neighbor or friend in need (the kids LOVE to help make and deliver the treats too!)
  • Welcoming a new neighbor into the neighborhood
  • Watching a friend’s child(ren) when they have an appointment
  • Drop a sweet note in the mail to someone who might need some encouragement

There’s so much to gain when you serve.  It doesn’t just benefit the person or organization you are helping.  First and foremost, when you serve others something special happens: You overcome selfishness!  There is a special happiness that only comes from giving service to others.  This is such an important thing for children and teenagers to experience.  We promise they will truly learn to love serving the more opportunities they are exposed to!  UC San Diego has an excellent Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer list…take a minute to look it over!

There are so many great ways to serve others in our community and we are excited to share with you what we do each month!  Have a great service idea?  Please share in the comments!

xo, Lora & Tammy

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