The Ultimate Pregnancy Must-Have to End Back Pain

If you have ever been pregnant before, or at least read about it, you’ll know that back pain and soreness kind of comes with the whole pregnancy gig.  I’ve had 3 babies and can tell you all about it!  Once I confirmed I was expecting with baby #4, I was determined to find something that would fit my needs and wants when it came to lift, support, comfort, and function for a mom of 3.  Did anything like that really exist?  Was there really an ultimate pregnancy must-have to end back pain?  My “torpedo” belly has gotten more extreme with each pregnancy.  I knew this one would just be worst than the last, so I really just wanted something to help!

My first thought was that I should wear a maternity support belt.


I had one.  I wore it for a total of 10 minutes, took it off, and never looked back.maternity support belt

Have you ever tried wearing one of those?  It’s very similar to a back support belt when you are doing heavy lifting.  Why would any pregnant woman want to wear this all the time?maternity support belt

If you’ve never worn or seen one, let me explain in just a few words:

  • Strappy
  • Velcrow-y
  • Hard/Stiff
  • Helps enhance your muffin top or any other spillage of squishy-ness you don’t want to advertise
  • Super uncomfortable – especially when you try to move in any other position besides standing perfectly still.
  • Not meant to wear under your clothes.  Honestly, if you did, there’d be more bumps and lumps than you’d know what to do with.maternity support belt

Need I say more?

The thought of putting that thing back on was enough to drive me to the web to search for a better option.

This is when I stumbled across the Blanqi Maternity Under-Bust Support Tank.  My thoughts went something like this: “Hmmm, this can’t seriously support and lift my huge belly…it’s just stretchy fabric!”  Then I started reading all of the many, many good reviews.  I mean, there were tons.  My desperation to have something as magical as this (and to not have a need for a “belt”) drove me to justify my purchase.  It cost more than what I had in mind, but I technically only needed one.  If it helped a lot, then it would have been worth every penny.  If it didn’t help as much as I’d hoped, then at least I had something to hold my jeans up instead of those belly band things that are always slipping and moving!The Ultimate Pregnancy Must-Have to End Back Pain, Blanqi Maternity Support

Before I received my Support Tank in the mail, I helped with an activity for our church youth group and ended up standing the whole time, about 2 hours.  I went home that night with such a sore and tired back, and I wasn’t even 20 weeks yet!  Showing, with just a small bump!

My tank arrived a few days later and I have never been better.  Honestly.  The next time I was on my feet for several hours at a time literally had no effect on me!  NO SORENESS.  NO BACK PAIN.  Seriously, amazing.The Ultimate Pregnancy Must-Have to End Back Pain, Blanqi Maternity Support

I am 35 weeks now and just spent 5 hours on my feet shopping for furniture this past weekend.  NO SORENESS.  NO BACK PAIN.  YAY!!!  This thing is seriously amazing.The Ultimate Pregnancy Must-Have to End Back Pain, Blanqi Maternity Support


  • No back pain/soreness (thanks to the support across my back and under my belly)
  • Holds up my regular jeans/denim way, way better than those belly bands (that always slip and slide all over the place) – allows me to have a much better selection in wardrobe for my growing body.
  • Hides the fact that I’m not totally zipping up my jeans all the way!  Let alone even buttoning them!
  • Smooths out all the bumps (and muffin top and anything else that appears on my body while pregnant!) and is ultra flattering.
  • Very discreet, can be worn under dresses/skirts
  • Can match and even enhance your wardrobe because it looks like an additional layer of clothing if you wear them over your pants, etc.
  • Covers the gap from where your shirt ends to where your pants begin (and again, hides the unbuttoned buttons!).  Some of you may not have this problem, but my belly sticks out so far at the end that my “maternity” t’s won’t even cover me up!
  • Helps hide the belly button pop – that drives me crazy!
  • Truly Lifts and supports my growing torpedo-style belly.  As soon as I take it off I instantly feel the heaviness and weight of my belly.
  • Super comfortable, I have slept with this on many, many nights
  • I can also wear this after I have the baby – hold and support my shrinking uterus + who knows what else
  • Smooth out all the bumps and lumps that I am not going to love after this baby is out!
  • Because it’s the underbust I can totally wear this and nurse the baby without any problem.The Ultimate Pregnancy Must-Have to End Back Pain, Blanqi Maternity Support


  • I wish I had all the colors!
  • I wish I didn’t go through 3 other pregnancies without this!
  • I wish I had all of their other support wear pieces!The Ultimate Pregnancy Must-Have to End Back Pain, Blanqi Maternity Support

I am not hired in any way by Blanqi to advertise this with you!  They’ve got many other wonderful items to offer, but the under-bust support tank is what they claim to be the MOST supportive, which is why I went with this one.

I do have an affiliate link here that will give me a small commission (at no cost to you) if you choose to purchase one, but will also give you 20% OFF your purchase!  A win for all!

The Ultimate Pregnancy Must-Have to End Back Pain, Blanqi Maternity Support

Striped-T | Maternity Support Tank | Army Green Pant, similar | Gold Bar Necklace, similar

Take a look at our De-Frump the Bump posts 1 & 2 and look at how many outfits I pulled off, all with this support tank underneath!

Seriously though, I’d tell the whole world about this thing with or without a special link with a 20% discount.  That’s just what we ladies do, right?

xo, Lora & Tammy








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