Long Grey Cardigan

I am really enjoying the colder weather now!  It’s nice dressing in warm and cozy pieces.  An easy way to add to a fall or winter outfit is accessories and layers, and one that I want to show you today is this long grey cardigan!

Grey Cardigan or similar | White T or this is cute too | Black Skinnies (on SALE!) | Sneakers

I am in love with the small town we live in.  I didn’t think I would since we lived in a busy, fast-paced town close to Los Angeles.  Now we see open fields that go on for miles that breathe life into morning mist, ice-y grass, all kinds of live stock (from horses to camels), and the occasional lake with steam rising from it.  I just heard that water moccasins (a type of venomous snake) live in the lakes here in Texas.  Eek!  Just when I thought I would get a paddle board for myself for Christmas…I guess I’ll be making a new list for Santa!!!

xo, Tammy & Lora


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