How does Heavenly Father want me to use my spiritual gifts? – LDS Young Women December Lesson, Game & Handout

Since I have worked with the Young Women (ages 12-17) at our church for a few years, I have been well aquatinted with teaching them on Sundays.  I have found things on Pinterest here and there for ideas, games, etc. that I can associate with my lesson.  There are quite a few times I have gotten creative and made my own game or handout, so I thought sharing them with you would help make life a tad easier!

This December lesson is entitled, “How does Heavenly Father want me to use my spiritual gifts?”  My lesson outline is based more around a discussion, with lots of questions that you can ask to get the girls really thinking about this topic.  I prefer getting them involved with the lesson as much as I can, so I tend to do this often.

I also created a game to teach them about several different gifts of the spirit.  It takes up a good portion of class time as a whole since there is teaching about each gift within the game.

The handout for this lesson is pretty simple and straightforward.  It has a corresponding scripture and lists all of the spiritual gifts they learned about in the lesson plus an additional 15 more.  There are many more than what I included, but I thought it would help them understand that spiritual gifts can be small and simple parts of their character, too.

Click the links below to download the lesson, supporting material, handout & game!  Enjoy and happy teaching!

Lesson – How does Heavenly Father want me to use my Spiritual Gifts?

Lesson Supplement: The Gifts of the Spirit – Gospel Principles Ch 22

Spiritual Gifts Handout

Spiritual Gifts Game

Spiritual Gifts Game Answer Key

xo, Lora & Tammy

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