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The holidays are in full swing everywhere which always means gift giving is part of the equation.  My husband was nominated to be in charge of the Christmas group gift for 2 lovely ladies that they work with.  He did a great job with collecting the money from everyone but leaving the purchasing of the gift wasn’t something I was okay with (I’m a total control freak!).  A handful of gift cards was not really the best way of showing appreciation for these gals (at least not in my mind), although it would be the simplest way.  I had about $200 to spend for each of them, and after bouncing a bunch of ideas around I felt the best about putting together a gift basket for them.  I’ll be honest, I was nervous about spending everyone’s money and making sure I represented the group well!  It turned out to be really cute so I wanted to share with you what I did!!! This gift basket tutorial will inspire you in your gift giving dilemmas this season, or any time of the year!

To make things easier on myself, I decided to make the gifts identical between the 2 women.  I trolled around Pinterest and put together a list of items I thought would work for the gifts.  My goal was to buy as many items that I could from the same location so that I wouldn’t have to store hop a bunch.  Naturally, I went to Target, since I really go there for just about everything!

Hot chocolate, Starbucks, Target, mug, gift basket, tutorial, ChristmasI wanted this to be a Christmas/cozy themed gift so this Starbucks double hot chocolate was definitely needed.  The mug was a must and throwing in a Starbucks gift card was a cute way to give them a little something extra when they were out and about.

To do list, cute pens, Target, gift basket, tutorial, fringe, keychain, ChristmasThis “to do” list and set of pens were totally cute and an easy addition as a gift for 2 hard working ladies.  Who wouldn’t want these?  I also stumbled across this cute gold fringed key chain that was a great last minute accessory to add in.

Fuzzy socks, Christmas, burt's bees, vanilla pumpkin, candle, Target, gift basket, tutorialYou can’t give a warm and cozy gift basket without a yummy scented candle and super warm socks.  They are sooo fuzzy and soft inside and are heat insulating to top it off!  I also grabbed this Burt’s Bees kit which had hand lotion (always a must for winter), hand salve, cuticle cream and lip balm.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Toffee, Bacon, chocolate, ghirardelli, Christmas, Target, gift basket, tutorialWe hit up the candy isle next.  I may or may not have been really hungry and really wanting chocolate at that same exact moment.  I narrowed down the many, many delicious options to these 3 beauties: Dark Chocolate Toffee, baconluxious chocolate, and Ghirardelli.  I wanted to give them a good assortment!

Gift box, gold, white, Target, gift basket, tutorial, ChristmasFor the actually assembly of the gift basket, I started out with this cute Sugar Paper gift box (similar square one here), roughly 9×12 inches.  There were lots of other cute boxes of various sized but because I had an idea of how much I wanted to fit inside, this one seemed like it was the most logical.

Gift box, gold, white, Target, gift basket, tutorial, tissue paper, ChristmasI grabbed a package of gold and white tissue paper (or this polka dot one would be super cute too) to act as a filler and ended up using 2 of each color.

Christmas, gift basket, tutorial, Target, how to, gift I added the biggest items first with the taller items in the back.  The Burt’s Bees package and Ghirardelli chocolate bags were also big but I decided to open them up and use the contents as a filler.  I figured the hot chocolate packets and Chocolate Toffee wouldn’t work as a good filler so I left them alone!Christmas, gift basket, tutorial, Target, how to, gift  The next biggest items were the pens and to do list.  They fit best right in the middle and I was able to prop up the pens so that they would be seen with the excess tissue paper.Christmas, gift basket, tutorial, Target, how to, giftThe bacon chocolate bar, Burt’s Bees hand lotion and cozy socks were next.  I played around a bit with their placing but liked this best.

Christmas, gift basket, tutorial, Target, how to, gift Lastly came the fillers, or the easy little things that could go just about anywhere.  The 3 other Burt’s Bees items were too small to place in front so I used a little scotch tape on the bottom of each to secure them to the lid of the candle.  The gift cards worked nicely in the mug and the individually wrapped chocolates were perfect in the front!  I draped the key chain along the socks and called it good.

Christmas, gift basket, tutorial, Target, how to, giftAfter everything was in place, I took cellophane wrap and unrolled it (while roughly measuring/eyeing it) to make sure it would cover the box with room to spare at the top.  It ended up being about half of the roll that I had, which was perfect since I was putting together 2 of these.  With the help of my daughter, Jayda, I placed the box in the center and pulled up the 4 corners of my sheet of cellophane.  I gathered it all and pulled the front part of the wrap around the sides and towards the back of the box.  I had Jayda hold the gathered cellophane at the top while I tidied up/folded it back (almost like wrapping a gift) and taping it down with clear tape.

After I made sure our gathering point was as tight and low as it could be (if it was too high, the cellophane would be too loose and saggy around the box), I tied a piece of baker’s twine around it to hold it in place.  It took a few tries for the first box until I got a good feel for where this needed to be.  Don’t lose hope if it’s not perfect the first time!  Try again and keep adjusting until it feels secure.  Once done, I added a cute gift tag to the twine and then tied a big pretty gold bow around the whole thing to cover up the twine.

Christmas, gift basket, tutorial, Target, how to, giftI think it turned out really cute!  I was wishing I had one of these gift baskets for myself!Christmas, gift basket, tutorial, Target, how to, gift

Did I mention I got all but 1 thing from Target?  It was great.  I used my Target Card and saved 5% on everything (every time!).  The not-so-great thing was I had my 3 kids with me the whole time.  We had many moments where I was ready to run and hide in the clothing racks and not claim those kids as my own, but we all survived thanks to a bag of Doritos and chocolate milk, hurray!

The great thing about putting together your own gift baskets, or in this case gift box, is that you can completely customize it for the person being gifted!  Plus, you have control over how much money is to be spent.  This was a hefty one because I had so much to spend, but normally I would have used a smaller box and probably left out the gift cards!  I had a lot of fun putting this together and will look to doing more of these the next time I am giving a gift!

xo, Lora & Tammy








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