Easy & Affordable Magnolia Wreath Tutorial

Ready to unleash your inner Joanna Gaines?  Do it with this super easy & affordable Magnolia Wreath tutorial!

We’ve all fallen in love with Chip and Joanna!!!  From the house flips, furniture and decor retail items, bakery (and soon-to-be restaurant), magazine and Magnolia Market, they sure have an influence in todays home and decor market!

Their Signature Magnolia Wreath is one that many have fallen in love with and want in their own homes.  The problem is that it’s a whopping $98 before tax and shipping, since most people can’t travel to Waco, TX to pick it up themselves.  That’s quite a big bite to take when you are trying to decorate for less…am I right???

What if we showed you how to make it yourself for less than 1/3 of that hefty price tag?  Not to mention it’s SUPER SIMPLE. #win


Watch the video to see how to assemble your Magnolia Wreath:


Supplies needed:

*Be sure to get your wreath & leaves 40% off online or in store to keep the price down!fixer upper, joanna gaines, magnolia, wreath, DIY, tutorial, home decor, farmhouse, rustic, easy



It’s a wonderful feeling to create something beautiful yourself.  Even therapeutic.  But, the cherry on top is when friends or family see what you made and mention how stunning it is!  Don’t be surprised if this happens once you make your wreath… point them our way and they can have their own wreath, too!  This also makes a perfect and unique gift (especially for your children’s teachers).

Thank you for your support and sharing the love!

xoxo Lora & Tammy

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