Deer Antler Tutorial

deer antler tutorial, diy, sparkle, flower crown

deer antler tutorial, diy, sparkle, flower crown

family hunter and deer costume, halloween, antlers

Deer, antlers, fawn and woodland creatures have been a hot trend for the last few years.  You may feel like every other gal is a whimsical little fawn this year for Halloween, but follow our tutorials and you will be the cutest one around!

These antlers are so quick, easy and affordable…you’ll have time to craft these darling antlers out in a jiffy.  Most of our supplies come from Walmart so hurry and head over there!

What you’ll need:

Branches, we used glitter branches (from the Christmas section at Michaels)

Headband – we used one from Walmart (the wider the better!) or use one you already have


Faux fur

Hot glue gun

White Paint (if you are using real branches)

Flowers or flower crown – we bought ours on clearance from Walmart ranging from $1-$5 each

Tammy’s entire outfit ended up being less than $15 from Walmart!  Check out her makeup tutorial on Friday.  Need more inspiration?  Take a look at this Family Halloween Costume (deer and hunters) photo shoot or  look at how we pulled together a baby deer costume for her little one.  Get your craft on this Halloween!

xo, Tammy & Lora


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