Baby and Kid Style Must-Haves

  1. Can these be any more darling?  And the fact that they smell like strawberries is a double win!
  2. Is it wrong to want one in our size?
  3. You can’t go wrong with one of these totes to fit all your items and stuff for the babe
  4. We are obsessed with this backpack/diaper bag! Love the detail on the bottom! AND ONLY $33!!!
  5. These boots are a must for anyone, even the kids!
  6. This jacket is perfect for the colder weather!
  7. Warm, pink and fuzzy UGGs!
  8. Ruffles + bow + rossettes = perfection (not to mention the price!)
  9. The fact that these are fuzzy on the bottom just took them to a whole new level!
  10. Cute and classic baby bag.
  11. Definitely a necessity for the snowy weather…now to get a pair in my size!
  12. Chic backpack that you can sport with just about anything.
xo, Lora & Tammy

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