We met in 2006 through our husband’s friendship, and simply clicked from day one.  As our friendship blossomed, we were blessed to be able to launch and run several successful businesses together.  We are opposite in nature, so our strengths and weaknesses compliment each other in a way that allows us to work well together.  This has contributed to our business success as well as fostered a solid friendship we have been able to maintain over the years.  We were both raised in Southern California and through a twist of fate, both of our families have relocated to Texas within the last year.  Living so close to one another again encouraged us to start another adventure.

We started Blushing Rubies as a way to uplift, inspire and encourage women to let their beauty shine from the inside out, like the rare gems they are.  We are determined to change the world through positivity and productivity in every facet of life.

We chose the name “Blushing”, which relates to the outer beauty of all women, and “Rubies” which speaks to the inner beauty as highlighted in the Bible: “She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not compared unto her.” -Proverbs 3:15

Tammy – I am 40 years old and a proud mother of 8 kids.  Most of my time is spent loving on my kids and husband and improving myself as a mother, wife and entrepreneur.  At home I care for 7 kids because my oldest son passed away from brain cancer 12 years ago at the age of 8.  After my son Scott’s passing, I went on a journey to find peace through that loss and was able to overcome that tragedy.  I have since helped several women in the area of bereavement through difficult losses.  I have also been able to overcome a divorce and other personal health issues such as fibromyalgia, anxiety and post partum depression and have been a great help to many women that have struggled with these problems.  I developed a passion for health and wellness during these times and was able to become certified as a holistic nutritionist as well as a certified life and mentor coach.

In between my efforts to care for my children, I enjoy focusing on building and developing organizations that inspire change and overall improvement in people’s lives. For nearly 4 years I have enjoyed hand-making and selling infant and toddler moccasins, retail and wholesale to other vendors.  I was also able to earn the title of Executive Director and earned a free Lexus with another at home based business, Nerium International.  I have come to know that success can come through hard work and perseverance in all areas of life, and hope to instill that in our readers.

Lora – I met my husband, Pete, while attending BYU-Idaho and married him in the Los Angeles Temple in 2006.  His entrepreneurial spirit rubbed off on me and I found myself engaged in several small businesses, ranging from real estate to beauty.  10 years later, we have 3 beautiful children and are expecting baby number 4 in February 2017.  At 31 years old, motherhood has been the most rewarding challenge in my life.

I fell in love with photography during high school and never looked back, which led to my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography from BYU-Idaho.  My passion for photography has led to my work being published, earned awards and eventually my own photography studio.  It has been a rewarding journey in discovering who I am as a photographer.  I have enjoyed the process and love where my path has taken me.

Shopping, working out, watching movies and enjoying time with my family and friends are all things I can never get enough of.

Thank you for joining us as we search for all things beautiful, inside and out.  We hope you enjoy following our journey as much as we enjoy sharing it.

With Love & Gratitude,

Tammy & Lora