De-frump the Bump | 7 Stylish Maternity Outfits | Part 2

Ready for De-frump the Bump, 7 Stylish Maternity Outfits – Part 2?  We hope to inspire anyone, pregnant or not, to rethink their choices in clothing if you are feeling…well, frumpy!  If you haven’t seen our first post of traditional maternity wear vs. stylish maternity outfits, check it out here!  It’s not always the first priority when you aren’t feeling your best…I have fallen victim to this time and time again!  Especially when pregnant!  But believe me when I say it really helps lift your confidence level when you like the outfit you have on for the day!  Try it and you’ll see!Grey Maternity Dress, Pregnancy

Green Maternity Shirt, Black Leggings, Pregnancy

As you can see these “Maternity” clothes are soft and stretchy and comfortable…but not always the most flattering.  Just a few looks for you to show you what I mean…  Turquoise Maternity Dress, Pregnancy

Green Maternity Dress, Pregnancy

Below are some alternative options.  None are actually even “Maternity Clothes,” but that’s not the point.  Just a little more thought, effort and inspiration helps create a more fun and flattering look!Leather Jacket, scarf, White Distressed Denim, Maroon Long Sleeve, Maternity Fashion, Pregnancy

Maroon Top | White Denim | Scarf | Lace up Flats (Steve Madden) similar | Jacket | Necklace, similar | Maternity Support Tank

Animal Print Fitted Dress, Neutral Slouchy Cardigan, Maternity Fashion, Pregnancy

Animal Print Dress similar here & here | Sweater Cardigan (Brandy Melville) similar here & here | Shoes (on SALE!) | Maternity Support Tank

White Fringe Sweater, Distressed Denim, Maroon Booties, Maternity Fashion, Pregnancy

White Fringe Sweater (Trouve) similar here & here | Skinnies | Booties | Maternity Support Tank

Blush Rose Blouse, White Distressed Denim, Maternity Fashion, Pregnancy
Tunic (Raquel Allegra) similar | White Denim | Lace up Flats (Steve Madden) similar | Necklace, similarMaternity Support Tank
White and Navy Stripe Stretch Dress, Pink Trench Coat, Valentino Shoes, Maternity, Pregnancy

Stripe Dress | Pink Overcoat (on SALE!) | Shoes (Valentino) or similar | Maternity Support Tank

   Black Leggings, Army Green Jacket, Scarf, Black Boots, Maternity Fashion, Pregnancy

Green Army Jacket, similar | Black Leggings | Scarf, similar | Boots (Luxury Rebel, old) similar | Black Slip-On Shoes | Necklace (Nordstrom, old) similar | Maternity Support Tank

Side note on the scarf: We LOVE Christine Andrew over at Hello Fashion Blog!  If you haven’t read her blog you’ll want to! ILY Couture is her label and it’s super cute!

Black Dress, Cream Trench Coat, Neutral Slouchy Cardigan, Black Booties, Maternity Fashion, Pregnancy

Black Midi Dress | Cardigan (Brandy Melville, old) similar | Booties (H&M, old) similar | Trench Coat | Necklace, similar | Maternity Support Tank

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving!  I can’t wait to be able to enjoy the time we get with our loved ones and just a chance to unwind, even for a minute!  I am even hopeful to get my walk squeezed in there at some point…gotta make that a morning priority.  Being 27 weeks pregnant, it gets tricky with different ways of being active but a 30 min walk is definitely one that is doable!

xo, Lora & Tammy






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